October 19, 2005

N Reasons why You Should Send Me Scotch

You should send me a bottle of scotch (I like single-malts) because...

  1. I recently fixed a bug that you reported.
  2. It'll take the sting out of paying three bucks a gallon for gas.
  3. Your last upgrade to BBEdit was free.
  4. I got out of the way smartly, unlike that dope in the blue Expedition talking on his cell phone.
  5. Several very good friends of mine failed to win the lottery tonight.
  6. Scotch makes it easier for me to accept that the milled flaxseed on my cereal isn't brown sugar.
  7. It'll make it easier for me to explain why 4273390 really ought to be fixed.
  8. It would make my girlfriend happy. And when you think about it, there really is no higher purpose.