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New Squeezebox!

I don't usually cover the gadget beat, but this one I had to mention. My friends over at Slim Devices today announced a new revision of their awesome Squeezebox music player. This is the third generation of the player to bear that name, and their fourth generation of product, with the first being the venerable SliMP3. On paper, the latest Squeezebox ("Squeezebox 3"?) looks similar to its predecessor. But in the flesh? Wow. I'm not sure who did their original industrial design, but the latest generation was Designed by a Professional Designer, and it looks gorgeous. I can't wait to get my mitts on one.

I reviewed the first-generation Squeezebox for the now-defunct Mac Developer Journal. (It was my first and so far only product review.) On re-reading, the technological details are a bit dated, but the conclusions stand: the Squeezebox is an excellent product, and definitely worth a look. I submit that a Squeezebox would be a great match with one of those little Tripath amps that everyone's been raving about lately; add an inexpensive pair of bookshelf speakers - or a pair of Minipods - and make a terrific small-room system.

(This is not a paid endorsement: my only business relationship with Slim Devices is that of a satisfied customer, although they did take me out to dinner once.)