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Personal Shredder Ownership

I spent a good chunk of time this afternoon going through boxes of files, weeding out things like purchase receipts for items I no longer own, repair records for cars I no longer have, and so forth. Because I care about what happens to my personal information, all of the discarded records went into my little crosscut shredder.

As I was feeding the machine, I wondered: how long do you think it will be before shredders are no longer available to "civilians", and individual ownership of a shredder becomes illegal?

My prediction: at the current rate of "progress", it'll happen in my generation's lifetime.


And how much more time do you give open fire?

My wife works for a secure storage and shredding company, and I even make a utility to securely shred files, so I definitely find it important to erase unnecessary documents.

However, I don't see why you think that shredders will become illegal. I would think that they might become more and more important as identity theft is on the rise.

No reason to outlaw shredders when more and more of your information is not on paper. Already I get many bills electronically. Soon all bills will come that way for everyone.