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September 08, 2006

Donut Money

Yesterday, we shipped BBEdit 8.5. We've added a lot of really cool and really useful stuff, much of which our customers have asked for in some form or another. We have great customers and get great feedback — many of our good ideas come straight from them.

But sometimes, it goes beyond that. For example, I got a notification on my PayPal account yesterday afternoon, a few hours after 8.5 shipped:

Hi Rich,
Thanks to you and your team for the toy upgrade, and years of stellar upgrades and assistance. Please have some donuts on me.

And another one in the evening:

Hi Rich,
Subject: Congrats on 8.5
Note: For your Dunkin' Donuts card....

It's no wonder why I love our customers. It's not because they send donuts, but because they appreciate us enough to do it. Thanks so much for sharing the love. :-) And thanks to everyone else who's sent in congratulations, good wishes, and great feedback. And Allie's thanks you, too.