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Donut Money

Yesterday, we shipped BBEdit 8.5. We've added a lot of really cool and really useful stuff, much of which our customers have asked for in some form or another. We have great customers and get great feedback — many of our good ideas come straight from them.

But sometimes, it goes beyond that. For example, I got a notification on my PayPal account yesterday afternoon, a few hours after 8.5 shipped:

Hi Rich,
Thanks to you and your team for the toy upgrade, and years of stellar upgrades and assistance. Please have some donuts on me.

And another one in the evening:

Hi Rich,
Subject: Congrats on 8.5
Note: For your Dunkin' Donuts card....

It's no wonder why I love our customers. It's not because they send donuts, but because they appreciate us enough to do it. Thanks so much for sharing the love. :-) And thanks to everyone else who's sent in congratulations, good wishes, and great feedback. And Allie's thanks you, too.


Allie's looks awesome. But what is the connection? Do you live close enough to pick them up from Allie's on the way in to work?

That's a surprisingly long commute!

@Daniel: Allie's is totally worth the trip. Especially for the Chocolate Frosted Raised. For you, Mike's Donuts at 50 Broadway in Everett would be a lot closer, and their donuts are excellent as well.

Thanks for the tip. I am a big fan of Dunkin' Donuts (aesthetically and for the egg sandwiches, mainly), but I find their donuts a little uninspired. I'm looking forward to trying out Mike's, and Allie's the next time I'm passing through ...

Heh heh, so you can be even fatter than you are? ;D