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End of an Era

This weekend we're visiting with extended family; on the way out, the pilot (ex-Air Force) told everyone that this flight would be the last one for copilot (ex-Navy — how could they stand to be in the same cockpit?!): he's turning 60 tomorrow, you see, and they force-retire cockpit crew at 60. As a nice touch, the copilot's last commercial leg was the same as his first.

Copilot Bob went out in style: he treated us to a good old-fashioned carrier-style landing, minus meatball, tail hook, and arrester wire. And he did a great job, too, greasing us on to a runway that the pilot described beforehand as "the bumpiest in the United States". (Whether or not it in fact was, may have been nothing more than expectation management by the pilot; on the other hand, there's no reason to believe that airport runways in Detroit aren't paved by the same people who do the local highways…)

Some day we should all be so lucky, to put the final signature on a long and distinguished career, while still having a lot of great years ahead.

So, Copilot Bob, here's to you. Congratulations on your retirement and happy birthday.

(p.s. alternate meatball link for the hungry: here.)