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C4[1] Parting Shots

Alas, my outgoing flight time requires that I leave before breakfast (to say nothing of the final sessions). So, on the way out the door:

@Cabel: I'm really sorry I'll be missing your session; I was looking forward to it.

@chockenberry: I'm sorry we didn't get more time to talk. Let's try and make some time.

@Geoff: Thank you so much for the Lagavulin! And it was great to finally meet you. :-) Have fun shaping all of those young minds...

@Gus: Thanks a million for the T-shirt, it will occupy a place of honor. I wish we'd been able to find some time to catch up. :-(

@Jenn and Lucien: Good luck in your new venture!

@Paul: Why is it we travel all this way and still didn't find any quiet time?

@Rosyna: Nice to finally meet you at last. :-)

@Wolf: Thanks for organizing all this, and for suggesting that I come. Never a dull moment...


I was really bummed that I didn't find a chance to catch up with you as well. I'll be sure to explicitly make time at the next conf we're both at :)