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Of Pajamas and Ball Gowns

In a recent post, John Welch quotes me as saying:

Only the developer has to care. For the user, it's as immaterial as what color ball gown I was wearing when I wrote the code.

As much as I appreciate the attribution, I feel compelled to point out that I was actually misquoted. First of all, I only wear one ball gown. (It was a tragic fencing accident; don't ask.) More to the point, the words, as spoken to me by the estimable Jesse Feiler, were, as best as I can recall:

Whether an application was written using Carbon or Cocoa is as irrelevant as whether the programmer was wearing pajamas or a ball gown.

Apart from being more accurate (again, within the limits of my memory), it's also more believable, insofar as I could conceivably own both pajamas and a ball gown. (And it should go without saying that at the time Jesse made his memorable and piquant remark, I agreed strongly with his assessment, and I still do.)


I couldn't remember if the pajamas thing was part of it or not

You look fabulous no matter WHAT you wear!